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What Is NFT Architecture and How Is It Different from Regular 3D Models?

Imagine yourself welcoming your colleagues to a business meeting at your home. The table is set next to the infinity pool, under the shadow of a huge curved metal structure reminiscent of Zaha Hadid's most audacious designs except for the complete absence of pillars. Hovering in the air, the roof completes an idyllic setting for this mansion on a rocky hillside. The house was recently acquired as an NFT and is digitally accessed via encrypted code. That's right, this is your virtual home. The physical one is a small 40m2 apartment in the center of one of the busiest and most polluted cities in the global south.

Virtual Classes: Will 3D Models Replace Hand Drawn Renderings?

Render simulating a concrete model. Image ? Arq. Julio Andrés Pinedo Agudelo
Render simulating a concrete model. Image ? Arq. Julio Andrés Pinedo Agudelo

2020 and the Covid-19 pandemic forced architectural students around the world to go virtual with their classes and coursework, transforming the way architecture was both taught and learned. Once based primarily on in-class participation, and collaboration, architectural workshops had to take on whole new methods of instruction. Conversations and debates between students and their instructors, a key element of architectural education were relegated to phone and video calls as well as written documents, making digital formatting an essential tool for students to share their ideas and receive feedback on their work.

Arches in Interior Design: 26 Projects that Reimagine the Classical Shape

Although the use of arches in architecture dates back to the 2nd millennium B.C., it was the Romans who solidified them as both an engineering element and a symbol of military victories, which we now see excessively as memorial arches. Shortly after, different civilizations and cultures adopted the arch for their own purposes, bridging together structural necessity and aesthetics. In this article, we look at how arches evolved from significant structural elements to captivating decorative details.

Samna Restaurant / YOD Group. Image ? Andrey BezuglovGarden Tour / PADSTUDIO. Image ? Rongkun ChenSSAB Flagship Store / Bogdan Ciocodeica Studio. Image ? Vlad Patru ARKA Flower Shop / Maly Krasota Design. Image ? Dmitriy Sergienko+ 30

Compact Luxury: Exploring the Future of Urban Living

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As global urbanization accelerates at a rapid pace, living spaces in contemporary cities and the projected cities of the future grow ever smaller. To anticipate these changes, product design firm AXOR has partnered with The Future Laboratory, a leading international consulting firm for future trends, for the development of their project 'Compact Luxury.' Aimed at uncovering the major influences of urbanization and adapting luxury spaces for these anticipated global changes, the Compact Luxury project identifies trends in contemporary living and projects a future for compact design.

Vertical Urbanism: Milan Highrises Reaching New Heights

Milan’s urban fabric has long been defined by change. In a city known for its historic monuments, from the Piazza Duomo and Milan Cathedral to works like Velasca Tower, contemporary architecture must balance many existing contexts. Emerging as a global center for design and culture, Milan has become home to new buildings and structures addressing this condition as iconic landmarks and expressive forms. Actively building upon its legacy, Milan has turned its attention to the sky.

? Hufton+Crow? Guido Maria Isolabella? Alberto Fanelli? Ernesta Caviola+ 9

Sir David Adjaye's New Residential Tower Presents Gaggenau-Equipped Kitchens

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When it comes to built-in kitchen appliances, German firm Gaggenau has always set the highest of standards – and in the case of Sir David Adjaye’s 130 William tower in Manhattan, quite literally, too.

Who Are We Making Hyper-Realistic Renders For?

The question may seem straightforward, but the answer can be very complex, leading to a whole series of issues related to the target audience of hyper-realistic architectural renderings, as well as to what their goals are.

Vessel Public Landmark / Heatherwick Studio. Courtesy of Getty Images / Forbes MassieRender by Nicholas Holanda. Image Courtesy of CURAZaha Hadid Architects to Design CECEP's HQ in Shanghai. Render by Negativ.com. Image ? Zaha Hadid ArchitectsLazy Sunday morning, rendered in Lumion by Gui Felix (project by Marcio Kogan of MK27)+ 7

Architecture as a Heterogenous Practice: What is to be an Architect Around the World

Although architecture itself is universal, the day-to-day practice still varies across the world, influenced by a wide range of factors, from the professional requirements and responsibilities of an architect, the local environment, history and building customs, to local priorities and challenges. In a hyper-connected world, where architecture seems to become more uniform, how do local contexts and characteristics shape the built environment? This article taps into the commonalities and the variations within the architecture profession.

The Art of Visual Communication: 12 Tips for Creating Powerful Mood Boards

Design projects rely heavily on visual tools that illustrate the project's features and overall atmosphere, and whether you are an architect, interior designer, furniture designer, or engineer, the term 'mood board' has definitely come up at some point during the early stages of the design process. Generally speaking, images have immense powers of influencing and inspiring their viewers, so putting together a powerful mood board can be a game changer for the architect, the visual artist, and the clients, and can amplify the project's story telling process. So what is a mood board and how can you create one?

Created and portrayed by Materia 2.0, architectural materials library based in Como - Italy. Image ? Materia 2.0Created and portrayed by Materia 2.0, architectural materials library based in Como - Italy. Image ? Materia 2.0Created and portrayed by Materia 2.0, architectural materials library based in Como - Italy. Image ? Materia 2.0Created and portrayed by Materia 2.0, architectural materials library based in Como - Italy. Image ? Materia 2.0+ 10

Reappraising Chicago’s Most Endangered Building: The James R. Thompson Center

Perhaps no building is closer to a date with the wrecking ball in Chicago than the James R. Thompson Center. While those responsible for initiating this threat cite years worth of deferred maintenance and high costs of operation as the primary reasons for their decision, these are not the real reasons for the building’s demise. It suffers from a much more lethal ailment — treating it like a normal building. In this video, Stewart explains why the Thompson Center is definitely not a normal building and offers alternative ways to evaluate it. What if we considered it to be a piece of urban infrastructure or public plaza instead? Relating the building to Rem Koolhaas’ theory of ‘Bigness’, this video builds the case that the Thompson Center should be valued for how it brings people together in space rather than its colors, or material palette, or any other normal ways of appraising mere buildings.

Structural Details As Seen in Courtyards

House Between Pines / XPIRAL. Image Holmberg House / Estudio Borrachia. Image Tacuari House / moarqs. Image Patio House / Ezequiel Spinelli + Facundo S. López. Image + 21

The distribution of natural light, improved ventilation, and the propensity to connect  living spaces with the outdoors while maintaining the privacy of the inhabitants have made courtyards a go-to in architectural design around the world over the centuries.

Courtyards are characterized as outdoor or semi-outdoor spaces that are enclosed within the walls of a house or building.

Converting Sunlight to Electricity with Clear Solar Glass

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In today's climate, energy and how we use it is a primary concern in the design of built spaces. Buildings currently contribute nearly 40% to global carbon emissions and with a projected growth of 230 billion square meters in construction before the end of 2060, the focus on construction decarbonization efforts should be paramount.

I.M. Pei & Partners' Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art Captured by Nipun Prabhakar

On the week commemorating American-Chinese architect I.M Pei’s birthday, Delhi-based photographer and photojournalist, Nipun Prabhakar, has shared with us a series of images of I.M Pei & Partners’ building, the Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art. The firm was commissioned in 1968 by Cornell University to build the university’s museum that would also serve as a teaching facility and cultural center for the educational community. The building was completed in 1973 and was awarded the American Institute of Architects Honor Award in 1975.

? Nipun Prabhakar? Nipun Prabhakar? Nipun Prabhakar? Nipun Prabhakar+ 21

Brazilian Houses: 10 Homes Using Rustic Wood

Wood is, without a doubt, one of the most versatile building materials there is. Treated lumber, boards, composites, or rustic hardwood, have structural and visual qualities that attract architects and clients searching for a wide range of possible applications and designs. Logs are one of the oldest ways of using this material since they require very little treatment and processing after the tree is cut and are the most natural form of lumber.

Rustic lumber is often used in vacation homes, but not only for this purpose. Below, we have gathered Brazilian houses that use rustic wood elements either in their structure or walls and finishings.

Angra dos Reis House / Cadas Arquitetura. Photo: ? MCA EstudioCasa da Mata Azul / Studio Carlito e Renata Pascucci. Photo: ? Monica AntunesRoots House / Triplex Arquitetura. Photo: ? Felipe AraújoResidência EA / Solange Cálio Arquitetos. Photo: ? Denilson Machado – MCA Estúdio+ 11

The Renovated Neue Nationalgalerie Utilizes Designs by Dornbracht

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Around six years after the decision was made to renovate the Neue Nationalgalerie Berlin (New National Gallery in Berlin), the completed design is soon to reopen to the public. The extensive renovations, which were planned and implemented by David Chipperfield Architects, utilized product design brand Dornbracht for the interior fittings. These iconic fittings combined the iconic modern style of the gallery's architecture with Dornbracht's unique design language, which is equally reduced in form.

Flemish Aesthetic Adds Calm Minimalism to CTO Lighting's Collection

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For its latest collection, London-based?manufacturer CTO Lighting found inspiration in Belgium, and in particular the city of Antwerp, from where the collection derived both its aesthetic and its name.

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